On Quality

One of the difficult parts of curating a site like this is maintaining a standard of quality. This is difficult primarily for two related reasons, (1) it can be difficult to find high-quality images of specific people doing specific activities, so we sometimes have to compromise on quality, and (2) cut out people in renderings get used at different scales and resolutions, so it isn't always necessary for a cutout to be high resolution. In many cases, the right person at a lower quality is preferable to the wrong one at a higher quality.

To this end, we're introducing categories as a new feature, additional menu options on the navigation bar. Our two immediately available categories are "New", so you can quickly see the most recent content added to the site, and "High-Resolution", for when you're doing a particularly large rendering, or need to place someone in the foreground. The addition of an HD category gives us the freedom to include in the database interesting images that don't meet the highest standard of quality. 

The third category that we will hopefully be adding to the site in the near future is "Commercial", which will allow you to quickly filter the database to show images that are either public domain, commercially licensed under the creative commons, or that we otherwise have the rights to distribute for commercial use. 

As always, send feedback to nonscandinavia@gmail.com, and be sure to contribute your own images using the submit page. Nonscandinavia gets stronger with user involvement, so send those images our way!